When tree removal Melbourne is necessary?
14 Mar 2018

When tree removal Melbourne is necessary?

Trees are essential to us. But sometimes, tree removal Melbourne is necessary when it can cause more harm than good.

Reasons for Tree removal:

There is a number of reasons for people to remove trees, as they are:

Deficiency of sunlight: Trees provide us shade. But sometimes, overgrown branches or trees may block the natural light to such an extent that your home can become dark and gloomy. As a result, other plants may also be affected by the lack of sunlight. These are some of the most common reasons for tree removal.

Affecting water pipes: Tree roots affecting water pipes are a common problem. Many trees have extensive root systems under the ground that can cause a lot of damage. They can sometimes find their way into pipes buried underground. They don’t always crack the pipe. But they might instead work their way into existing cracks in the pipe and keep growing once they get inside the pipe and inhibit the flow of waste, causing blockages, broken pipes and other serious issues for homeowners. Unfortunately simply removing the roots that affect the pipes will not be sufficient because they will simply grow back and create the same issue. This is another common reason for tree removal Melbourne.

Dead tree: Dead tree removal is necessary because a dead tree will slowly lose its strength and loses its ability to survive the damages of storms. Heavy winds or storms can break off branches or bring down a dead tree. It can cause extensive damage to nearby houses, cars, or even people. This is the reason why dead trees should be removed as soon as possible.

Damage by nature: Sometimes, lightning or blunt trauma from power lines and storms can also damage a tree and lead to its death. It is better to take the tree down as early as possible to avoid damage or injury.

Hollow trunk: Trees can live with hollow trunks for many years. Sometimes hollow trees are risky and sometimes they are not. You can see holes deep into the trunk. If one-third of the interior of the tree is hollow, then it should be removed to avoid any damage.

Power lines: A tree that is growing into power lines will need to be cut down. When the weather is wet, electricity can arc as much as ten feet to wet tree leaves. This is the cause of a power failure or property damage.

Tree leaning: Trees that lean can be a threat. Leaning trees could fall and injure someone or damage your property. A small gradual lean may not be a cause for removal but any specimen that is more than 15 degrees away from being vertical usually needs to be removed.

Tree removal Melbourne is a very difficult and challenging task. Hiring a professional removal service is the best option. Max tree services team has the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently handle the job. If you notice something wrong with your trees, call tree removal services as soon as possible to avoid the risk of damaging your home or harming your family.

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