Drone & RC Recovery Service

Get your data back

All is not lost! We’ve got the equipment and know-how to get your drone on the ground and your data in your hand, without you having to risk serious injury.

Professional and recreational use of drones and remote-control planes have sky-rocketed in recent years. And we know there’s a fair share of drones that have ended their flight perched high up in a tree. Worry no more about errant flying, because we offer a drone recovery service for those times you end up on an unexpected flight path. We take maximum care to protect your drone or RC aircraft, as well as any attached data storage, during the rescue operation.

Consider your limitations if attempting a DIY rescue

We understand you may want to attempt a recovery mission yourself. But it’s important to consider whether the risk of injury or a damaged drone is worth the DIY attempt. Here are some tips to help you recover your drone or RC aircraft yourself.

  • Shake it down – Depending on the size of the tree, shaking the tree may help to dislodge the drone, but you risk damaging the data inside.
  • Try a big stick – This can help if your drone is just a little out of reach, but you’ll need someone to catch it as it falls.
  • Use a ladder – You may be able to reach the branch holding your drone or concentrate your shaking efforts closer to its resting spot.

Before attempting a rescue, take appropriate measures to ensure your safety first. And if you don’t have the right equipment or if it’s beyond your physical capabilities, please engage an expert who’s qualified to work at heights to recover your drone.

You don’t need to say goodbye to your fancy flying machine

Losing a drone or remote-control plane is more common than you think. This once meant considerable money down the drain for drone operators and flyers, but now you have a recovery option. With our equipment and expertise, we can go places you’ve only dreamed of. Or at least to the top of the tree to rescue your drone.

Help! I’ve lost my drone in a tree. How can you help me find my drone?

We might have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to recovering your drone or RC aircraft, but as skilled climbers who understand trees, it comes down to experience and equipment. You can fly with confidence knowing the chance of recovery is high if a gust of wind (or extreme piloting) lands your drone in the closest tree.
This is why you should use our drone recovery service:

  • Qualified climbers experienced in drone and RC aircraft recovery
  • Recovery in urban, bush, or forest areas
  • No tree is out of bounds. We like a challenge.
  • Limited access? Not a problem for us – we’re comfortable in small spaces
  • Safety planning is a priority – for us and those around us during the rescue
  • We’ll hand you back your data in the condition it landed in the tree – most times it’s still recoverable.

Fly your drone or RC aircraft with confidence

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