Drone and RC Recovery

Drone and RC Recovery Melbourne

Accidents happen, and we know how it feels to lose your Aircraft and Drone. Max Tree Services can recover your drone or Remote Control (RC) Plane even if it is on the highest point of a tree. Here are some of the hints to get your drone or RC Plane off a tree;

  • Try the ‘shaking method’ – which means shaking the branches leading to the drone or RC Plane
  • The ladder shake – with a help of a ladder, try to reach the drone or RC Plane and shake the entire tree
  • If your drone or RC Plane is stuck at higher branches, a big stick might be helpful to reach it

Although, before attempting to remove your drone or RC Plane from a tree by yourself, we recommend you consider if it is beyond physical and mechanical ability or not. If it is beyond your physical and mechanical ability, feel free to contact the best drone and RC Plane recovery service provider in Melbourne; which is Max Tree Services.

Recovering Your Drone and RC Plane with Max Tree Services

Max Tree Services offers the best drone and RC Plane recovery service in Melbourne. Our drone and RC Plane service includes;

  • Qualified climbers who are experienced in recovering drones and RC Planes
  • 24/7 emergency drone and RC plane recovery
  • Accessing any location including bush or forest
  • Climbing every kind of tree anytime and anywhere – depends on our customers’ specific needs and requirements
  • Reaching your drone or RC Plane no matter how tightly accessed or limitedly accessed
  • Safety planning before and during the recovery attempt

Our customers can consult our qualified climbers prior or during the drone and RC Plane recovery service. If you have any questions about the recovery service or if you are unsure whether you need our services or not, please feel free to contact us from 0405 768 805.

We value your feedback about your experience and the services we provide. So, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members for your further queries and comments.

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