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Choosing firewood depends on your specific needs and expectations. One of the best firewood providers in Melbourne is Max Tree Services that aspire to fulfil your specific requirements. Maybe you are the type of person who likes to hear crackles and pops, or like the aromatic sensation coming from the burning wood. We work for your specific needs and aim for the best outcome for you!

Before deciding on which type of firewood you want to use, as Max Tree Services, we recommend you consider a couple of things.

  • Be sure that you have checked the moisture level of the woods. When trees are cut down, the moisture level is high. For a high-quality firewood, there should be low moisture. Low moisture allows the emergence of high heat flames and dispels unhealthy and pollutant wood smoke.
  • Choose hardwoods if you want less smoke and high heat firewood. Also, hardwoods burn for a long period of time. So, it is efficient.
  • Prefer softwoods if you want your woods to burn faster with less heat. Softwoods create more smoke compared to hardwoods.
  • Wet wood do not burn with a high heat. This leads to having more smoke compared to hardwoods which burn with a high heat.
  • For each wood type, the hotter it gets, the less smoke emerges.
  • No matter which type of firewood you choose, it is important to have a risk and hazards assessment regularly. Getting an annual chimney inspection can protect your property against permanent damages. At Max Tree Services, our professional chimney sweeps can help you ensure that your property is hazard free when it comes to firewood heat and smokes.

The Best Firewood Service in Melbourne

At Max Tree Services, we can supply firewood of any kind you would like to find. Our recommendations above can be a guide for you while deciding on which firewood to choose. As Max Tree Services, we provide the best firewood service with the highest quality.

We value your feedback and take it into consideration while diversifying our firewood range. So, if you have any reviews on our services and range of firewood, please feel free to contact us!

Also, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns about which firewood to choose. Our customer service and experienced tree maintenance professionals are here to help you.

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