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Land clearing projects in Melbourne

Get your project moving with our tree removal and site clearing services

Here at Max Tree Services, we understand that progress is important. That’s why we work with commercial and civil companies across Melbourne and advise on tree management and maintenance and assist with site clearing. Max Tree Services isn’t limited to residential work. We have the equipment and expertise to perform on larger projects throughout Melbourne, to help them get delivered on time and on budget.

We can provide end-to-end commercial services

From the beginning of a project where you need tree removal through to the completion of a project where you need advice and maintenance of new planting projects, we can assist. Max Tree Services can help keep your project on it’s critical path by managing all tree permit requirements and we can maintain the look and feel of the project with ongoing maintenance. With our focus on conservation and sustainability, we love to be involved in establishing and maintaining new tree and garden setups.

We’re also here to help with:


We’re not just your tree specialist, we’re also pretty nifty at getting the paperwork done for your development. With our years of experience, we know what paperwork and reports each council expects, reducing waiting times and preventing costly delays. We also know expected turnaround times are and how long you will need to wait for approvals, so these can be accounted for in your program and costings.


Max Tree Services are experienced in land clearing for commercial, civil and domestic projects in Melbourne. We believe in making sure the job is done right the first time, so you can move forward in the next stage of your development. Providing advice for planning, staging and implementation, Max can help you and your project lodge and attain the required permissions, advise on the site clearing process and provide accurate deliverable timeframes so your project schedules and estimates are accurate.


Large scale developments in bushfire prone areas of Melbourne need additional planning. One of the strengths of Max Tree Services is that we make sure we’re up to date with the latest government guidelines on bushfire safety, as these regulations ae constantly being updated.


Advise on your replanting choices and help get the process completed for you as soon as possible.


Our tree maintenance program can start as early as the tree selection stage, and then prepare an ongoing maintenance program for both old and new trees. This way any problems can be identified and treated before they become a safety issue.

Safety underpins all that we do

Felling trees can be dangerous. If we’re not switched on while we’re on the job, there’s a danger not only to our team, but to the general public and the surrounding environment.

It’s why we cannot stress safety in our jobs enough.

From JSA’s to SWMS. From protective equipment to ongoing training. We make sure our team is aware of the on-the-job hazards, how to identify and mitigate them and when to step away from them, for everybody’s safety.

With $20,000,000 of insurance at unlimited heights, we know we’re covered for accidental incidents.

With trained and ticketed arborists, we know we’ve got the knowledge.

With a commitment to training and development, we know we’re doing all we can to keep our job sites safe.

Our equipment is serviced and maintained to ensure continuity of availability. Our certificates of currency are up to date. Our team is experienced and ready to go. You can focus on other areas of the project, knowing Max Tree Services will complete the job safely and efficiently.

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