Tree care services for optimal tree health

Tree removal isn’t the only answer to a tree issue.

Max Tree Services offer more than just tree removal. The team provides a range of tree services to help improve the health of the tree, or the look of the garden. Let Max give you all the options and tell you what can be done, so you can see what’s best for your landscape. With a little planning and some regular maintenance, you can feel comfortable knowing that your trees are achieving optimal and healthy growth.

Max Tree Services look after your landscape through:

tree removals service
tree removals melbourne

Tree Removal

Engage the experts and protect your home, assets and livelihood when removing trees from your property. Get the job done cleanly and efficiently with the greatest of care to your remaining garden.

Hazardous Tree Removal
Hazard and Risk Assessment Service

Hazardous Tree Removal

Removing overhanging branches, sick and diseased trees, or dead wood all require qualified experts to ensure there‘s no damage to surrounding property or vegetation.

tree pruning services
tree pruning

Tree Pruning

There’s more to pruning trees then lopping off branches. Find out about tree pruning done right
• Increase tree health
• Reduce chances of infection
• Does it matter when you prune?

tree shaping melbourne
tree shaping service melbourne

Hedging & Shaping

You don’t need to be Edward Scissorhands to have a beautiful looking garden. Let Max and the team look after your hedging and shaping needs.

stump gridding
tree stump gridding

Stump Grinding

Minimise the maintenance and the risk of termites, disease and infection, by grinding down the stumps in your back garden.

cable bracing melbourne
cable bracing service

Cable Bracing

For the trees that are at risk and needs support to stand still and strong, cable bracing Melbourne can be helpful.

Hazardous Tree Removal
Hazard and Risk Assessment Service

Hazard and Risk Assessment

Hazard and risk assessment is beneficial to be ahead of any safety risks, structural defects, environmental conditions, etc.

Drone RC Recovery Melbourne
Drone RC Recovery Services

Drone and RC recovery

Sometimes recovering drones or RC planes can be beyond your physical and mechanical ability. We provide 24/7 recovery service at your request.

wood chipping
tree chipping service

Mulching Services & Sales

Whether it’s having your garden looking neat and tidy, or reducing your water consumption, Max’s mulching sales and service help reduce waste for a healthier environment.

Arborist Reports

Satisfy council requirements for the health and safety of the trees in your surrounding area.

tree removals
tree removals services melbourne

Commercial & Civil

From land clearing to regular maintenance works, Max has you covered for your business or land development.

Possum Guards Melbourne
Possum Guards

Possum Guards

Possums are both cute and destructive. They’re also a protected species. Installing possum guards helps protect your plants against these hungry marsupials.

Hazard & Risk Assessment

A visual assessment of the trees on your property to check for potential hazards and risks. Know what to look for and how to address the issues.

tree removals
tree removals services melbourne

Utility Line Clearance

If you have trees near power or tram lines, you must call in qualified experts to remove the branches to safe distances.

tree planting melbourne
tree planting service melbourne

Soil Treatments

Often a sick tree starts with imbalanced soil. Protect the trees on your property by testing and maintaining soil health.

Tree Identification Reports

Want to know what trees grow best in your area, or attract the native fauna? Identify what’s already in your garden and what’s best to plant.

Max Tree Services replanting and maintenance program

Max’s passion for rehabilitation and conservation has seen the introduction of their replanting and maintenance program. His aim is for every tree that is removed, there’s a native ready to put in its place. Only making sure the native is a better choice for the owner and the location. Where possible, like for like is used to maintain the habitat e.g. replace one canopy tree with another canopy tree, but one that works better for the environment. If you don’t want a replacement native, Max can provide another species at cost.

The stock for replacement trees is grown by Max, so he knows the health and condition of the plant before he puts it in the ground for you. As part of the replanting service, there’s a regular maintenance program to check on the health/progress of the tree. It’s not a plant and forget. The tree’s health and growth are monitored and measured to make sure you have the healthiest, happiest, replacement on the block.

Max and his team are committed to improving the natural environment with every tree he removes. This ensures the health of the industry and the ongoing development of the natural ecology.

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