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We live in a harsh climate, and we’re constantly reminded to be waterwise in our landscaping projects. It’s why mulch has become such valuable material for a healthy, happy garden. But do you know where your mulch has come from? If you’re looking at mulch for sale in Melbourne, you want to make sure it’s helping your garden, not harming it.

Why is mulch important to a healthy garden?

So much more than just the top layer of dressing, mulch plays a vital role to keep gardens growing, including:

  • Moisture retention – an absolute must for gardens in the summer months, a good layer of mulch will stop the ground drying out and prevent trees from becoming stressed due to dehydration. During the cooler months, it helps to keep warmth in ground for longer.
  • Weed reduction – gone are the days of using black plastic on the ground to stop the growth of weeds. Time and research have proven that this does more damage to the plants, especially in the summer months as the earth heats to scorching temperatures and watering doesn’t penetrate far enough to cool it down. As a natural material, a substantial layer of mulch has the ability to stop the weeds reaching sunlight, while still allowing air circulation and effective watering.
  • Soil enrichment – one of the greatest advantages of a good mulch is that it breaks down over time and becomes a part of the earth. This is why healthy mulch is vital to the overall health of the garden or landscape. Without a nutrient rich soil, or one that’s affected by chemicals, trees will struggle to grow to their full potential.
  • Garden ecosystem – ever moved back the top layer of mulch to see things scurrying around under there. This is what you want. Not only do these creepy-crawlies help to break down the mulch to create a better soil, they also encourage a natural ecosystem to flourish. More insects, more birds, more bees, more nature.
  • Garden cohesion – last on the list of uses for mulch is aesthetics – how it makes the garden look. By using similar or contrasting colours or materials, mulch can be used to link different areas of the garden for a more cohesive and structured appearance.

Tree mulching is the process of covering the ground surrounding a tree with a layer of mulch material. This material, usually composed of organic matter such as leaves, wood chips, or bark, helps to conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature, and suppress weeds around the tree. Mulching trees also adds nutrients to the soil as the mulch breaks down over time. This benefits the tree by reducing water stress and competition for nutrients, allowing it to focus on growth and stability.

Mulching is an important aspect of tree care and maintenance, as it provides numerous benefits to the health and well-being of the tree. When mulching trees, it is important to avoid piling the mulch directly against the trunk of the tree, as this can lead to rot and other issues. Instead, it is best to spread the mulch evenly around the base of the tree, keeping it about 2 to 4 inches away from the trunk. Additionally, mulching should be done in a layer no deeper than 4 inches, as too much mulch can suffocate the tree’s roots. Proper mulching helps to ensure that trees remain healthy and vibrant for years to come.

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