Tree support straps

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Prevent damage to your tree at its fork with cable bracing or tree support straps. This non-invasive process uses a flat, braided rope that’s spliced into the tree and allows the tree to move in its natural way. It provides additional support and is less destructive than the old method of drilling and tunnelling. Tree bracing or cabling systems are a way to improve the health and longevity of your trees, especially heritage or significant trees. We want to preserve these trees for as long as possible, and cabling can help to keep them in the ground for future generations to enjoy.

When do you need a tree bracing system?

Most bracing systems are used on trees that are forked and have two heavy canopies. Rather than risk losing either of the limbs, causing severe damage to the integrity of the tree, a bracing system is used to prevent damage. Due to the cost of tree bracing, it’s usually only used for trees that have a heritage value or are a significant specimen.

How does it work?

A tree cabling system essentially helps to distribute the weight of the tree’s branches, so they are supporting each other. The tree limbs are braced together which helps to improve stability and prevent the core collapsing or splitting. This improved stability can also assist root development which contributes to the overall health of the tree.


Proactive monitoring of your trees may help to identify small issues before they become big problems. We also find that preventative pruning helps with the effectiveness of a tree support system so it’s important to deal with any unruly or unnecessary parts of your tree before installing any cabling. You may even find that pruning solves the stability problem and tree support is no longer required.

Tree cabling requires maintenance from time to time, usually in the form of re-tensioning the cables if they become loose.

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