Hazard and Risk Assessment

Tree hazard & risk assessment

A tree risk assessment lets you enjoy your garden knowing it’s safe for the whole family

As a property owner, you’re responsible for ensuring trees on your property are safe. A tree risk assessment is the first step in making this happen. We assess your property and develop a strategy to rectify any current or potential problems that may occur in the future. This is especially important for trees that are near power lines or building structures. Speak to us and we’ll make sure your property is safe for your family, friends and visitors.

What’s included in a tree hazard and risk assessment?

We start with a sweeping visual assessment to identify any problems. We then take a closer look at all planting areas to uncover any health issues with each tree or shrub. Our tree knowledge means we can identify issues that may not be obvious to the untrained eye.

As part of our assessment, we consider:

  • Structural defects
  • Disease and decay
  • Termites and pests
  • Soil condition
  • Proximity to other properties and gardens
  • Environmental factors
  • Effects of exposure to nature

All findings are recorded in our tree risk assessment report which is the starting point for monitoring and action.

Who needs a tree hazard and risk assessment?

Most homeowners can benefit from this risk assessment process. And being proactive can help you avoid financial and structural damage to your property. We want you to maximise enjoyment from your outdoor area and have peace of mind knowing it’s a safe environment for your family to enjoy.

A tree risk assessment can be helpful for:

  • New property owners – get to know what’s in your garden and get expert advice for any changes that might be needed
  • Planning a new garden – get feedback on your landscape plan for any with the plants you’re considering
  • Long-term property owners – if you didn’t get an assessment when you moved in, it’s well worth having one for ongoing maintenance and management.
  • Support for permits and planning – A formal assessment accompanied by photos may support your tree removal application with local councils

What happens with the information you receive?

We work closely with our customers and keep communication lines open during the process, but you’ll also receive a formal report and photographs of our findings.

This report:

  • Forms the basis for a regular maintenance plan
  • Identifies trees that may require cable bracing for stability
  • Identifies hazardous trees to be removed
  • Identifies trees that can be used for habitat trees

We’re always happy to talk you through the report so you have a full understanding of any concerns we’ve found, and the recommended course of action.

Talk to us about a tree risk assessment and start enjoying all your garden has to offer.

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