Need emergency tree removal?

Has a large tree branch collapsed or hanging dangerously?

Has a tree uprooted completely?

When is an emergency an emergency?

When do you need to call an arborist and when is it a job for the SES? And what about insurance companies? Where do they fit into the picture? If you find yourself in an emergency situation, make sure your calls are to the right people, in the right order, to get the right results.


Do you need the SES first?

The SES can often be part of the first response team during a storm, bushfire, flood or other emergency situation. Even if’s not a major weather event, the SES should be called to help if you find the following:

    • Fallen trees, limbs or debris blocking access ways to roads and paths
    • Trees across powerlines
    • Uprooted trees that have damaged underground service
    • Fallen trees that have damaged property


In this instance, the priority is to secure the site and protect people from further danger.

In these situations, contact Max Tree Services to assess the situation and provide a course of action for removal.

When do you use the 24/7 Emergency Services line at Max Tree Services?

Call Max first when:

  • Fallen or storm damaged trees are posing a threat to dwellings or vehicles
  • You can see structural cracks that look like the tree will break
  • A limb is caught in another tree
  • The situation is on your property
  • Fallen trees have damaged property

Why can’t I tackle the clean-up myself?

If you’re looking to claim the damage with your insurance company, it’s best to engage a professional like Max Tree Services for the job. Here’s why.

  1. There’s often a series of photos and information that’s needed to substantiate your claim. You don’t want to give the insurance companies any grounds to dismiss your application for compensation.
  2. Once the branch or tree has been removed, there’s still the issue of disposing of it. Max Tree Services will come in, do the job and remove the tree that have done damage from your property.

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