Possum Guards for Trees

Protect your trees with possum guards

Stop the possums having a party in your garden

Possums are a protected species in Australia, but we know their night-time habits can have disastrous effects on the trees in your yard. There are many deterrents available if possums are a problem in your garden, but it’s important to make sure that anything used doesn’t hurt them, or your trees. Enter possum guards for trees.

What is a possum guard?

Essentially, possum guards are a plastic collar fitted to a tree to prevent climbing access. When the guard is positioned correctly, a possum will be unable to grab branches to access the canopy. Combined with pruning and canopy wiring to prevent alternate access, it’s an effective way to keep possums out of your trees and your roof.

What harm can a possum do to a tree?

Possums feed on the leaves, flowers, and fruit of trees, particularly liquid ambers in Melbourne.  By doing this, the tree’s growth cycle is affected. Long term, this places the tree under stress, which leads to a greater likelihood of infection, disease and eventually death of the tree.

What to consider when fitting a possum barrier

Fitting a possum barrier isn’t as simple as attaching it directly to the affected trees on your property. You also need to consider other trees and structures in the vicinity. The most effective solutions are ones that include all climbing routes the possum may take.

Other considerations for your possum guard include:

  • The barrier needs to be flexible enough to grow with your tree
  • It needs to be attached in a way that is healthy for your tree – no drilling into the trunk
  • Positioning needs to be considered for effectiveness
  • Additional methods of deterring the possums, including timed pruning or wires that complement the guards
  • Consider guards on neighbouring trees to stop possums jumping across canopies

While many property owners consider possums a pest because of the damage and mess they cause, they are still a protected species and a necessary part of our ecology. Max Tree Services provides a measured solution, where your trees can thrive, without the threat of another possum invasion.

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