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Have you received a utility line clearance notice in the mail?

Trees and powerlines are not a safe combination. It’s an even greater risk when home-owners take matters into their own hands to fix the problem. Trees and branches should be maintained a safe distance from power lines to avoid injury and it’s best to conduct preventative maintenance before the trees become a problem. But if the situation is a bit close for comfort at your property, or you’ve been issued a notice to rectify the problem, we can help.

Whose responsibility is it to manage trees near power lines?

Many home-owners are unaware of who is responsible for managing trees that are close to power lines. And there is no definitive answer as it varies from council to council, state to state. Responsibility can also depend on who is issuing the notices for clearance. However, you are still ultimately responsible for the trees on your property and should seek qualified help from a line clearance trimming company to maintain a safe distance from power and telephone lines.

Most Victorian electricity providers have a tree-trimming schedule for your area and provide guidance on who is licensed to maintain trees. If you’re under direction by your local council or electricity provider to arrange tree trimming, we liaise with them to ensure the job is done to their specifications and the notice is cleared from your account.

It’s never advisable to undertake work like this yourself. Working near power lines should only be done by licensed and experienced providers.

How can we help?

We’re qualified to perform tree trimming close to both low and high voltage power lines. Before starting, we conduct a risk assessment to set a course of action that complies with the requirements of the notice.

We also take the stress out of applying for any required permits. We’ve made it our business to know what is required for all types of tree clearing and can help you obtain a positive response to your application.

You can also speak to us if you’re planning a new garden. We can provide planting advice on the best trees and greenery that will have suitable growth expectations around overhead powerlines.

Involve a professional when dealing with trees and power lines.

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