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It takes more than a chainsaw

The tool with the greatest horsepower, isn’t always the right one for the job.

When it comes to removing trees, it seems that anyone with an axe, saw or shears likes to have a go. In landscaping or maintenance budgets, tree removal costs are one of the items often removed to be done as a DIY job. But there’s more to successfully removing trees than having a hack at the trunk.

How is using a specialist tree removalist better than doing it yourself?

First up, Max Tree Services have qualified arborists on their team. They know how trees grow, so they know how they fall. Here are some other factors that need to be taken into consideration when removing a large tree:

  • How large is the root ball underneath? Is stump grinding necessary?
  • If the tree is on a lean? Has there been soil movement around the base of the trunk?
  • Are the are any structural defects such as cracks or rot?

Once these questions have been answered, the best method for removal can be determined. Does the entire tree need to be removed, or is a habitat prune required? How can this be done without damage to the surroundings? Regardless of how much of the tree is removed, Max Tree Services will take care of the disposal and clean-up, saving you hours of back-breaking work.

The team look at the safety precautions necessary to make sure that people, pets and assets are safe. This isn’t just about which way the tree will fall, but also making sure everyone is wearing the correct PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – gloves, earplugs, glasses, hats, shoes. It’s also about making sure the correct tools for the job are used and used correctly. Chainsaw injuries occur to almost 1000 people per year, on average requiring 110 stitches – most of these are to the legs and knees.

Finally, options for replanting are provided. Often, it’s a case that the wrong tree was planted in that area. By planting the right tree for the location, you get to keep the look, without the worry.

When should you call a specialist tree removalist?

Of course, our preference would be anytime you need to remove a tree! But we’re realists and know that tree removal costs aren’t in the everyday budget. So, we ask that you call us and get a quote if the following occurs:

  • Damaged Trees: A damaged tree can be unpredictable when it falls. You can’t always tell where the structural weaknesses are without close inspection and knowing what to look for.
  • Dangerous Trees (overhanging branches): Certain native Australian species are well-known for just dropping their limbs without warning. If those branches are hanging over your garage, dwelling or near powerlines, we urge you call us before tackling the job yourself.
  • Firebreak/Summer Season: If you live in a bushfire zone, it’s imperative you have a clear firebreak during the summer season, not only for your safety, but for your insurance.
  • Invasive Root System: One of the dangers of not knowing how a tree’s root system works, is not knowing how much damage will be done by removing it, especially if it’s highly established. Is it under foundations that could drop causing structural damage? Does it continue into your neighbour’s garden and pose a risk for them? By knowing the tree species, Max and his team will have a general idea as to the size and complexity of the root system, based on the height and growth of the tree.
  • Annual Prune & Shape: Spending money on a regular prune and shape service is a worthwhile investment. Not only does it increase the value of your home, but it also allows the team to check for signs of distress or disease in the plants, offering remediation services, long before looking at the additional costs of removal.

What’s your process for assessing trees for removal?

When Max Tree Services come to quote on removing trees from your property, there are 4 keys elements they look at:


  • What safety systems will be required to remove the tree? Are any of the following required?
    • Elevated Work Platform – required for very tall trees and those near powerlines. EWP needs to be insulated for protection.
    • Rigging – is it necessary to remove the tree limb by limb because of accessibility issues.
    • Traffic control – is there a danger to traffic or pedestrians during the works.
  • How many people are required to complete the job in the required timeframe?


  • What size mulcher or chipper is required to complete the work?
  • If the material is to be removed from site, what size vehicles will be required.
  • Is the site directly accessible by the vehicles or will there need to be manual handling?


  • What are the current local government regulations for the area?
  • What permits are required to remove the trees?
  • What are the current approval times for tree removal?


  • What are the best species to plant to achieve the required look?
  • Are they native to the area to attract fauna and maintain the ecology?
  • What is the maintenance and upkeep required for the replanted stock?

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