Elm Leaf Beetle Control Melbourne

Elm Leaf Beetle Control

Elm leaf beetle control is required when it occurs occasionally. Elm leaf beetle leads to insect infestation that damages tree size, tree location and structure. Immediate action is required for your trees’ health and safety when it comes to elm leaf beetle damage.

Even though it takes a significant period of time – longer than 1-2 years – for an elm leaf beetle to kill your tree, it can damage your tree’s well-being severely. That is why at Max Tree Services, we encourage our customers who see signs of elm leaf beetle infestation to start elm leaf beetle control service with us as soon as possible.

How can you understand whether you need elm leaf beetle control service?

  • Elm leaf beetles damage the tree leaves by eating them. They leave small oval shaped holes on the leaves. These oval shaped holes can be your sign to start elm leaf beetle control service.
  • Around November, elm leaf beetles lay eggs on the back of the leaves which hatch in 8 days. The larvae also feed on the leaves which further damages the health and safety of your trees and property. So, if immediate action is not taken, elm leaf beetles can slowly but effectively damage your tree’s health and create safety risks.

How does elm leaf beetle control work?

  • There are several ways but the most effective one involves chemical application.
  • Stem injection or soil injection can be used.
  • Canopy spraying is another solution, but it can only be done during specific times of a year. Besides, it is more expensive in the long run. So many people in the industry prioritise other ways such as chemical application.
  • We encourage our customers to talk to their neighbours who also have elm trees on their property. Treating nearby trees is beneficial for both your trees and neighbour’s trees as it will solve the elm leaf beetle problem completely.
  • At Max Tree Services, we also encourage our customer to consider Integrated Pest Management System (IPM). IPM includes planning, monitoring, applying and evaluating the beetle control process and the outcomes.

Besides chemical control for elm leaf beetles, there are some organic solutions. The organic solution works with the manual work force. Leaf beetles are removed by hand which makes it practical only for small trees. Big trees require a long time to be completely beetle free.

Another organic control method is by taking care of survival of the healthy parts of the trees. Healthy parts are maintained in order to survive a possible attack from elf leaf beetles.

The Best Leaf Beetle Control Melbourne

Max Tree Services acknowledges the importance of regular checks for leaf beetles. We believe that periodical checks and controls of leaf beetles significantly changes your trees’ longevity and sustainability.

We have listed some of the advantages of elm leaf beetle control below:

  • Easy to re-apply
  • Affordable
  • Prolongs the life cycle of trees
  • Enables high quality soil
  • Enhances the aesthetic beauty of your landscape
  • Protects your healthy trees from being affected by the infected ones
  • Gets rid of any hazard caused by excessive number of elm leaf beetles

Annual inspections make all these advantages long term and more accessible. Furthermore, at Max Tree Services, we highly recommend getting annual inspections for elm leaf beetle control done in Melbourne.

As Max Tree Services, we can detect and determine your specific needs and requirements to have healthier and aesthetic landscape. You can contact our customer service about any enquires. We are always ready to assist you with any of your requirements.

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