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Max Tree Services are proud to cater to all types of required tree services not just in Melbourne but also in greater Victoria. We have the latest equipment and all the necessary tools required to carry out tasks right from tree pruning to stump removal. We are professional arborists, be it tree services relating to forests,reserves, residential properties or commercial properties, we are just a call away to cater to all your demands in Melbourne. We will make sure we will cater to all your needs in without you being bothered to do any hazardous work or face any hassle. Just one call and we will be there to handle all your needs related to tree services.


Cut down the clutter!

Though trees give us a respite from the concrete jungle we are living in, it is important to know when it has gone beyond the life expectancy. You are surely proud of your garden; after all, it is the first image of your property. Yet, what if the trees have not been taken proper care of? You might walk in and say, “Nah, Something’s Wrong”

Bayswater tree removal requires attention to detail, minute observations and professional course of action. We, at Max Tree Services, deliver the same and more.

We aim to provide you with the services of tree removal, tree pruning, tree chipping, etc in a cost-effective yet high class quality. We are professional arborists and have all the required equipment that cater to your needs in the best manner yet!

There are various signs that depict, ‘Its time’ to make a call to us for tree removal, or tree chipping in Bayswater.

The most basic would be that the tree looks different. The question arises, different in what sense?

  • Hurling soil in the base of the trunk and beneath its canopy
  • Cavities in the trunk or enormous branches
  • Fungi that produce decay, growing at the trunk plinth
  • Dead or dried hanging branches hanging near the apex
  • Fine twigs in the absence of buds
  • Broken or spastic branches
  • Trees that suddenly start leaning
  • Cracks in soil

When you notice any such symptoms, we’re just a call away!

In some instances, you shall also witness there aren’t any of these signs, but you’ve surely sensed something unusual. That’s when we’ll take charge! Our team of qualified people will make sure they handle the rest.

Once you dial up, leave the hassle to us, we’ll take care of the mess and we’ll also reach you in no time!

We’ll also take care of your firewood needs in Bayswater. You can do so much with firewood in and around Melbourne. The weather is always in a whirl. Imagine relishing a nice warm drink on a cold night and sitting by the lit firewood. That’s how you pamper yourself for some me-time or a time with family and friends.

Now you know, when you’re in Bayswater, looking for firewood, tree chipping, tree removal? Contact us and we’ll be there at your doorstep!

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