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Though trees give us a respite from the concrete jungle we are living in, it is important to know when it has gone beyond the life expectancy. You are surely proud of your garden; after all, it is the first image of your property. Yet, what if the trees have not been taken proper care of? You might walk in and say, “Nah, Something’s Wrong”

No worries, we’ve got your back!

  • Dead or broken branches:
    If a tree is healthy and has the required minerals and nutrients, dead or broken branches would not appear. Untamed branches and dry twigs are also a sign that denotes the tree needs pruning.
  • Deadwood:
    Deadwood might arise due to various reasons. One of which can be that the nutrients from the roots or apex are not properly reaching that portion of the wood. Another, maybe extreme weather conditions in Blackburn have broken or harmed a branch. In such a scenario, tree services are essential.
  • Intercrossing branches:
    Branches that are growing in a haphazard manner and have started getting intertwined or are getting dry, rubbing against each other leading to broken branches, immediate tree pruning is essential.
  • Decay producing fungi:
    Many times, decay produces unwanted weed or fungi which can lead to the whole garden getting affected. It is very important that such unwanted fungi and twigs are trimmed from the tree.
  • Different colours in the wood:
    The wood tends to shed its skin and get different colours in various instances. However, more than one shade at a particular time on the tree that looks abnormal is an alarm sign for tree services to be conducted in Blackburn.
  • Visibly rotten or soggy wood:
    This happens when the wood has become dead or devoid of nutrients, For us at Max Tree Services, it is not just about catering to what you have asked for. We also walk the extra mile and go beyond our call of duty to deliver what we have promised!

Trees often become humongous and hazardous as time goes by. They need to be analyzed based on arborist reports. Arborist reports in Melbourne are a professional practice that involves various analyzing health as well as the safety of trees.

Trust us once and we can guarantee that you shall choose us over and over again. Timely arrival at your property, timely completion of services and that expert touch is all that you need from us to transform the way your property looks!

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