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You can look for various signs that hint at the fact that, tree pruning has become a must for your property. The signs could be large in number. Let us help you understand them:

  • Dying twigs or broken branches:
    If you spot a lot of spastic or dried branches anywhere near the tips of branches or at fragments in between, it means that the health of the tree has deteriorated, and the tree needs pruning and shaping
  • Intercrossing branches:
    Intercrossing branches simply mean branches that intersect and cross each other creating a jumble. It’s a tree, this is obvious to happen, but when the density has increased abnormally, it’s time for tree shaping or simply put, to bring the silhouette of the tree back in place.
  • Deadwood:
    Deadwood, as the word suggests, is wood that has become dead and has stopped receiving nutrients. It hinders the overall growth and development of the tree. Deadwood can be seen where a branch has broken due to weather conditions, a section of the tree which has no buds or leaves or there is a weird color at some place in the tree. Another interesting way to identify deadwood during summers would be touching the tree trunk. If it is hot, it means that the wood is dead. In a normal scenario, the trunk would be cold in summer.
  • Hurling soil at the bottom of the tree:
    Hurling soil means soil that is loose near the roots of the trees and tends to break or flow away in extreme weather conditions. Normally, the roots of the trees bind the soil but if that is not the case, time to have an arborist report in Melbourne.
  • Cavities or fungi that denote decay:
    Cavities or fungi are easily visible in a tree. If not paid heed to, it can multiply and ruin the whole tree. In some cases, tree stump removal is the best option for Wantirna while in some cases the doctor of the trees, our arborist can help suggest what can be done. Fret Not, Contact us!
  • Trees that suddenly start leaning:
    A leaning tree can prove to be hazardous if not taken care of at the right time. Correcting a leaning tree needs an expert’s hand. Let us be the expert that handle it!

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